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Our Story

We're totally committed to the integrity of our product for the health and wellbeing of future generations.

Kids Organic was born in Bali, shortly after we arrived with our first child, a 7.5 months old avid speed crawler, who was soon walking and then running.

Having a child changes everything. As if that weren’t enough, our first six months as parents were accompanied by a rollercoaster ride of life trails. We needed to find new ways to make a living while caring for our child, supporting her development, and staying in alignment with our values. 


Our child was quickly growing out of the clothes we had brought with us. We were committed to organic (or very well washed cotton) and a child-centered approach to parenting. We had ideas about features we wished we had in her clothes. So we decided to take advantage of the resources in the local cottage industry to make her wardrobe.

Maybe others would appreciate the styles we were designing. We did our very first photo shoot with friends in Bali and decided to launch a simple e-commerce website. And so Kids Organic was born….



 Kids Organic Clothing Company’s “mission” is to bring healthy, environmentally conscious, ethically made clothing to market. We started Kids Organic without funding and with very limited time. This forced us to look for efficient ways to manage the process and creative ways to grow our business and make our clothing affordable. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to select the best possible options for the health and wellness of kids and the planet they will be left with, once those of us reading this are gone…

We invite you to join with us today!

Revi Schlesinger and Nicolay Kreidler - Founders