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Fair Labor Practice

At Kids Organic we are adamant about maintaining fair labor practices.

The product you buy on our website today, is produced in Bali, a special place where daily blessings and ceremonies are an integral part of life. We believe that the level of devotion and attention paid to detail affects the quality of our products.

Every person working to make our clothes is paid a good living wage and is happy to be part of our team. Our production costs are higher because we don't outsource to large factories in China or Bangladesh as many other companies do. The cost differences are managed by eliminating waste, making most of our product to order, and by running a lean cooperative entrepreneurial organization.

We personally set up our network of independent sewers and continue to manage them through our own Bali-based team. Together we live and work on a daily basis. We also continue to work with the original family based businesses which we started with, where employees are cared for as family and where profit margins are not at the forefront of every part of the process.

We believe in creating a world where the process contributes positively to everyone, from the farmer to the consumer. We are all in this together!