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Certified Organic Dyes

The dyeing process is certified by Control Union Certificates according to GOTS standards

The dyes allowed under GOTS are limited to natural dyes and some synthetic dyes that meet GOTS specific requirements, including limitations on heavy metals, formaldehyde, pesticides, and azo dyes (which are considered chemical carcinogens).

  • The material must be at least 95% organic, as certified by “recognized international or national standards.” If the material is 70% organic, it can be labeled as “made with organic.”
  • The material needs to be processed separately from conventionally-grown fiber.
  • Inputs like dyes and oils need to be biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals like phthalates, PVC, synthetic sizing agents, and chlorine bleach, and they must keep full records of any chemical inputs to their manufacturing process.
  • The fiber cannot come from a genetically modified organism.
  • Facilities must maintain minimum fair labor practices from the International Labor Organization.
  • Farmers and producers need to be certified, and those certifiers have to be accredited GOTS or hold an internationally recognized accreditation.
  • Fabric and products must meet high standards for residue testing.