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The Truth About Cotton

After a year of designing and sewing we are thrilled to announce 6 new Kids Organic collections for children from 0 months to 3 years. Over the past 12 months since our launch on Earth Day 2010 we have added many valuable features, not found in any other kid’s clothing line. We have been focused on building our chain of resources to make absolutely sure we can deliver consistent quality and numbers. Not such an easy task! We set out to create a stock of organic fabric, only to find out that all the wholesalers were running out. In the end we decided to go directly to the source. Not only are we now having our own super soft organic...

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Organic Clothing – The Healthier and Happier Choice for Babies

Parents love nothing more than seeing their little ones be safe, and organic clothing helps in making this a reality. Baby skin is considered to be five times more sensitive than adult skin. It certainly does not help that we are living in an age when environmental degradation through pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals, is constantly on the rise. But do we need the added exposure directly on our skin? The answer is no and the solution is organic clothing. Millions of pounds of artificially generated fertilizers and pesticides are used to grow the fibers that make our regular clothes. While it might seem that these toxins can be washed out of the garments, test have shown that they...

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Why Organic Kids Clothes?

Your Baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than yours so what you place against your baby’s skin is very important. Cotton is one of the worlds most controversial crops and can be harmful to the health of your baby. When cotton is produced, more chemicals are used per unit area than any other crop - accounting for 16% of the world's pesticides ("Picking Cotton Carefully,” Institute of Science in Society, March 2007).These harmful chemicals cause water and air pollution, polluting the land, killing plants and animals, and causing illness and even death for farmers and workers. Organic cotton clothing is made from cotton grown without pesticides or chemical insecticides. It is also made from cotton plants which have not been...

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