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The Truth About Cotton

Indigo LeavesAfter a year of designing and sewing we are thrilled to announce 6 new Kids Organic collections for children from 0 months to 3 years. Over the past 12 months since our launch on Earth Day 2010 we have added many valuable features, not found in any other kid’s clothing line.

We have been focused on building our chain of resources to make absolutely sure we can deliver consistent quality and numbers. Not such an easy task! We set out to create a stock of organic fabric, only to find out that all the wholesalers were running out. In the end we decided to go directly to the source.

Not only are we now having our own super soft organic fabric woven to our specifications, but also have refined our dying process together with our natural dyer to deliver consistent color-fast fabric.

So now we are in control of the entire process and can make sure that the fabric we use is completely free of any added chemicals. This is huge because as you probably know, not only does conventional cotton growing require more pesticides and herbicides than any other crop, but during and after the weaving all kinds of chemicals are usually added to condition the fabric.

Conventional fabric is most always bleached. Companies use hydrogen peroxide, but many still use highly toxic chlorine, especially outside the US and Europe. The last step is finishing and this is where many chemical sensitivity problems begin.

A urea-formaldehyde product, which cross-links molecules, is routinely applied to reduce shrinkage and wrinkling. Cotton is a fiber designed by nature to absorb, and heat is used to lock finishes into the fiber. When heat is applied, this molecule expands and becomes permanently bound in the fiber. That is why it cannot be washed or dry cleaned out. Detergents and softeners are heavily used in making fabrics, and some of these will leave a residue that will never wash out completely.
From formaldehyde finishes (to improve crease-resistance) to biocidic finishes and flame-retardants, the possibilities are almost endless. However, many of these finishes may also have detrimental effects on the end user (You). Although formaldehyde levels in clothing are unlikely to be at levels high enough to cause an allergic reaction, we think they ought to be left out – especially considering the permeability of a young child’s skin. Flame-retardants (mainly in the brominated form) are also of concern for the environment, and their potential toxicity.

Aside from the environmental impact in they dying and fixing process where many, many dying companies outside of Europe and the US are not regulated at all, a number of disperse, acid and reactive dyes (for example) have been shown to be allergenic to sensitive individuals. Further to this, specific dyes within this group have also been shown to induce purpuric contact dermatitis.

Well, all this sounds pretty scary but there is a solution. Thankfully organic cotton is available and does away with the toxic processes involved in the production of cotton and cotton fabric.

We have committed to exclusive use of organic fabric as well as a non-toxic dyeing process in the interest of our future generations.

Kids Organic ClothesAt Kids Organic , 6 collections, each encompassing a complete wardrobe of fun, easy to wear, toxin free kid’s clothes are designed not only for a healthy child but also for a great experience

For chilly weather we’ve added scarves and warm-up hats to our new collections. While most garments are gender neutral, we’ve included a version of the Romper Dress especially for girls in each collection.

You will notice the forever-fashionable accents such as flare pants and side-stripe pants, and tank tops for boys and girls in some of the collections while a large selection of Basics allow for easy mix-and-match.

All the styles and sizes have been tested over and over again in real life with our Kids Organic Kids. We can say with absolute confidence that they are super durable, lots of fun and that everyone loves them.

Come join the growing family of Kids Organic and let us know how you feel about the clothes we make and the issues we all are concerned about.

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