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Organic Clothing – The Healthier and Happier Choice for Babies

Parents love nothing more than seeing their little ones be safe, and organic clothing helps in making this a reality. Baby skin is considered to be five times more sensitive than adult skin. It certainly does not help that we are living in an age when environmental degradation through pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals, is constantly on the rise. But do we need the added exposure directly on our skin? The answer is no and the solution is organic clothing.

Millions of pounds of artificially generated fertilizers and pesticides are used to grow the fibers that make our regular clothes. While it might seem that these toxins can be washed out of the garments, test have shown that they are very persistent and high residues are still measured on conventional clothes in the store. This fact and the general increase in pollutants can also be contributing to the rise in skin irritations and diseases amongst infants and adults alike. To partly counter this trend, consumers from all over the world are now looking for clothes made out of organically grown fiber. Organic fibers are grown without the use of artificial herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

As awareness is, so is the demand for organic clothing, especially for babies. The fibers used for this kind of clothing are free from harmful chemicals. From the beginning, these fibers are treated with natural products and nurtured with a lot of care. The finished product too makes it through stringent quality checks, as set by the USDA, IFOAM, OTA, and Organic Textile standards.

Infants and young children are more susceptible to allergies, rashes, skin discolorations and other irregularities. Generally clothes made from organic fibers are less likely to cause such skin conditions, since unlike those made from chemically treated fibers, organic clothing are not exposed to harsh dyes or chemical bleaches.

Organic baby clothes are just as soft and comfortable as conventional garments. They are often even more durable, because of a tighter knit than any of the other regular and mainstream fabrics available in the stores. Also, these are not the typically mass produced clothes, but are mostly manufactured in smaller quantities, with utmost care, and are available in select retail or online stores.

Organic clothing for little children is not only about comfort alone; they are also stylish and allow parents to dress up their children in the most fashionable of baby designs. Just because it is a healthier choice, baby clothes made from organic fibers are far from dull or boring, in any way! There is no compromise in terms of colors, designs or cuts, when it comes to organic clothing for small children. Instead they are present more individuality and are more colorful, trendy, adorable, cute and humorous than ever before. It helps that since the manufacturers have a smaller and niche market to cater to, they can pay a lot of attention to detail as well as style. The organic baby clothing market truly offers the best of both worlds – a smarter choice in terms of comfort and health, with snazzy styles to match!

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  • Go Greener

    I wish more people would realize that you should switch to organic clothing. Not only do you not have to worry about the toxins that they put in alot of so-called natural fibers to help them grow quicker.

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